I have talked about wanting to be a blogger for years, but that's it. Just talked. I don't know if I was worried about the judgement that might will come from my posts, the lack of knowledge on how to get started, or just worried that people wouldn't be interested in what I have to say. 

But then, it dawned on me while having a conversation with a friend.. I actually do like writing! So, who cares if any of those things are the case? She told me that if I am passionate about it, go for it. And that's exactly what I am doing!

So love it or hate it, I'm doing this for me. If people happen to enjoy reading my posts then that is just a huge bonus!

I'm not perfect, but I do promise, however, to be 100% genuine in who I am and hopefully that will make putting myself out there for the world a little bit easier. 

Here's to diving in. I hope you enjoy!