Even if you didn't watch it, I'm sure you've heard by now how the Super Bowl turned out to be one of the most.. pathetic(?) games ever. We were not really pulling for either team (CAROLINA PANTHERS family here!), but we invited my brother and his girlfriend over anyways to hang out. I didn't go all out on food since there were only 4 of us & 2 kiddos, but I did make a dip that was a childhood favorite for my brother and I. (Thanks to you GMM♥) This dip is amazing and always a crowd-pleaser. The best part about it is it only contains 3 ingredients! Super easy & quick to whip up.

1lb sausage 
(I use Jimmy Dean Mild... If you prefer you could use the HOT version)
1 8oz package cream cheese
1 can Rotel 
(Again, I use Mild... But HOT would work too if you can prefer)

**I doubled this recipe so we would have plenty to go around and used my crock-pot to keep it warm until my guests arrived. Normally I just mix it up on the stove-top if I am making a smaller batch.**

Brown sausage in skillet and drain. Add to Crock-pot.
Add can(s) of Rotel, undrained.
 Add cream cheese.
Put lid on and set on low setting. Stir occasionally.
 Serve with tortilla chips & enjoy!