I recently took on the position of Wednesday night nursery coordinator for our church. We do a weekly craft or art project that is Bible-centered and so far, everything is going great. 

The past 2 weeks we worked on "Joyful Noise Music Makers".. to go along with our Psalm 100:1 verse. These were super simple and the children loved making them. 

 I saved lots of empty baby formula cans and washed them out. 
You could use any container with a lid.

 I chose to fill them with Cheerios. They still make noise, lots of it. But by using Cheerios, if a lid somehow happens to come off then I wouldn't have to worry about them putting inedible things in their mouths (buttons, beads, etc)

Hot glue the lids on.

Decorate any way you'd like. We used paint obviously, but you could use markers, stickers, or anything else you have available. I printed and taped on the verse that went along with the craft.
"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands." 
Psalm 100:1

Their excitement while making these and then using them after they were all dry was nothing short of joyful.