By the time this is posted, he will be home again.♥ 

As I am writing this though, it is night #1 without him here..

You'd think that with us being a military family, I would get used to the coming and going. I don't.

You'd also think that with all of the separation we've made it through - between basic training, Airborne school, AIT, several other TDY trainings and a 12 month deployment to Afghanistan - a 3 day TDY to Jacksonville, FL wouldn't seem so bad. And while it's not deployment bad.. I still hate it.

I'm blessed to have a husband that I love and that I truly enjoy being around. He is supportive and an amazing father. It's easy to see why I wouldn't want these separations to come, no matter how short they may be. 

The kids don't understand where Daddy went and why he isn't home to play with them at the park or tuck them in at night. And of course he misses us just as much as we miss him. We say our hello's, goodbye's & I love you's via video chats & phone calls. I go about my days like I normally would, because with 2 kids.. life doesn't stop. 

"But hey, that's what we signed up for." That's what they say. Whoever they are. 

So no, this is not me bashing the military in any way, or the training that he must do. I get it, trust me. We're almost 8 years into this lifestyle. It's not news to me. 

This is just me, sitting awake at 1am, missing my best friend. Hopefully he knows how much I love him and how much he really means to me and our little munchkins. I am so grateful for him and our crazy, beautiful life.