My 6 year old loves video games. One of the reasons that we have allowed him to play games at such a young age is because if given the choice, he would be playing outside or with friends any day over staying in and playing a game. That really makes a difference for me. I never wanted him to be one of those kids that refuse to move away from the television and go outside to play. Luckily, that's not Ayden at all. He's such an outside boy, so I definitely can't complain.

Playing video games is also such a fun time for us as a family. We love to play Super Mario together. (from the old school version up to the latest - we have no favorites!) Seriously, we should own stock in Nintendo with everything Mario that we have. So with that said, I dedicate my 2nd flashback friday post to the 5th member of our family - Mario - and the awesome 4th birthday party we had for Ayden in 2012. 

 Ayden and his sidekick Skyla

 Pin the Mustache on Mario

The Goomba Stomp 
(How cute is Ayden trying his hardest to get just one to pop?!)