Seriously guys, this absolutely made me crazy yesterday. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I get it. And it doesn't have to be the same as mine, but I really don't get generalizing a situation like this.

Basically, a guy who is currently National Guard mentions on his Facebook status that he is thinking about going active duty. That's where this guy's ↑ comment comes in. Now, like I said, everyone's opinion is different.. but this is 110% inaccurate from our experience. It's also a very crappy way to paint the picture that is military life.

So, with that said, I figured I'd share why the military (my husband is active duty Army, currently for 8 years) lifestyle is the best thing that has ever happened to our family.

When I was growing up, it was completely normal to go stay at my grandparent's house for a weekend or sometimes longer! It was normal to call up the whole family when you needed help moving into a new house. It was normal to throw a big party for birthdays or holidays and expect your whole family to show up. If you were having surgery or got sick, it was normal for your family members to help you out with the kids and for some to bring you dinner while you were out of commission. All of those things and more were very normal for me as a kid, and I'm sure they still are the norm for the majority of the people I know. 

As a military family, we haven't really had those luxuries that often. And to that - you may say that the above commenter must be completely right... right?

Wrong. I am so grateful for our lifestyle and how it has made us such a strong family unit. We spend every moment with each other. We lean on each other in the hard times. We all pitch in and help each other out. Since we can't call up grandma and grandpa to watch the little ones on a whim, we always make plans to do things as a family. We have been through many holidays alone. We have moved many times alone. We have been through surgeries and sicknesses alone. We have made work, church, school, baseball, etc happen without any extra help. 

Let's be clear - I'm definitely not putting down those who have their families nearby to help them out. By all means, take advantage of the love and support! If we were stationed closer to "home" we would too, but we're not so we just play the hand we're dealt. What I am trying to say is how can I let someone say that being in the military (or going active duty from NG in this particular case) is a horrible idea if you have a family - without speaking up for those of us who love the life we are living and have a closer family unit than many, many people we know that aren't in the military? We may not get to be surrounded by extended family, we may have to endure deployments and TDYs, we may have to move all over the world..... but you better believe that there is no stronger love and bond than the one in this family. And I owe so much of that to our lifestyle.

I suppose, just like the commenter above, this is only my opinion based on years of experience. But hopefully it can shed some light on the military lifestyle and how we aren't ALL miserable people with crumbling families and failed marriages.