Ok, so for those of you that keep up with me on the regular, you already know about President Obama coming to my 1st grader's school and classroom after his meeting here at MacDill AFB a few weeks ago. I was super excited that he got to meet him, regardless of my political views (or anyone else's). That's a special moment that very few people can say they've experienced and I wasn't going to let any negativity take that away from my baby!

There ended up being one photo published that had just the back of Ayden's head in it and that was that. I was satisfied with the one picture because obviously he could've just not been photographed altogether! I was taking what I was getting! Well, this afternoon I get an email from his teacher with photos attached from the White House photographers with Ayden all up in them! I don't think I have been that excited over an email ever! 

Ayden is the blonde in the navy blue shirt with the President's hand on his shoulder - no big deal ;)