If you are looking for an inexpensive, but attention-grabbing Christmas decor idea, look no further! These oversized ornaments are just what you need.

Bouncy balls
Spray paint
Fishing line
Super glue
(These supplies are optional, as they are how my husband chose to hang them. If you would rather hang them a different way, I'm sure there are many other options)  

I chose different sizes of bouncy balls, silver spray paint and red bows. Obviously you could choose any variation of paint color and bow color.

To give them the whole suspended-in-mid-air look, my husband stuck a small nail through the air intake of each ball with fishing line wrapped around the head of the nail. Then he filled the space around the nail with super glue to make sure no air leaked out. 

We hung them from our basketball goal and spray painted them. I would suggest light coats to prevent drips in the paint. This year I used matte silver spray, but in the future I would go for a more mirrored effect paint. Even bright red or gold would look beautiful!

Once they were dry we put the bows on and hung them from hooks in the ceiling. Simple and affordable. My kind of Christmas decor!