You would think only being 2 weeks in, I wouldn't have much to say about life after birth control. You'd think.


So a little backstory is in order I suppose. If you've followed me for awhile, you know my trouble with birth control. I talked about it a little in this post, and since then things seemed to get worse. But for those who don't know...

I had been on birth control for 12 years. I was put on it at my doctor's recommendation for the severe menstrual cycles I was having at age 14. I never seemed to have any issues with it until after I had children. Of course, my doctors would try to explain to me that most women's bodies change not only physically, but hormonally too after having children and that what was working before may not be in my best interest post-pregnancy(ies).

The NuvaRing was what I turned to after children (other than my brief and horrific experience with the Mirena) because with my new hectic life, remembering to take a pill was out of the question. I noticed that while it didn't necessarily cause me to gain weight, it kept me from being able to lose the weight after both of my pregnancies. Also, after the last pregnancy I noticed more and more things that just weren't me. I was losing my libido and fast. (And not just your typical, 'I have two small kids and I just don't feel like it' type of thing either.) I continued to be an emotional wreck and a short-fused firecracker at the same time. After many, many talks with my extremely sweet and patient husband, we decided it was time to make a change.

Cue my doctor's visit 2 weeks ago and her flat out telling me it was time to just let it go. All of it. No more birth control, ever. She said that many women never see the potential side effects from birth control, but that they are listed as side effects for a reason. I obviously am one of the women that rides the roller coaster that is side effects. 

She said that we would plan something more permanent (I had already told her we didn't want anymore children) and that my mind and body would thank me for hitting this much-needed reset button.

She also mentioned since I was going through such a difficult time in my life due to the birth control, that coming off of it would almost have a placebo effect .. like my brain -just knowing that I am not being pumped with any added hormone- would make me just plain feel better.

Well, it's been 2 weeks and I have to say I am ready to speed this 'withdrawal' type phase up a little more. I have went off of birth control a time or two before in my life and I have never experienced anything like this. I have been having headaches on the regular, my skin is breaking out more than it ever did on birth control and most of all I am exhausted by 4pm everyday. I am talking full-on, can-hardly-hold-my-eyes-open or even think straight exhausted. I have went to bed around 9pm almost every night for the past 2 weeks. I have read multiple stories from women coming off of birth control and how their symptoms are super similar to mine. It's encouraging to know that although they are no fun now, they won't last and I will be feeling better soon!

We all know and hear about the side effects of going on birth control, but I had no idea there was a huge percentage of women that experience side effects by coming off of it! It totally makes sense though .. having all of these added hormones in your body for years and years and then all of a sudden just not. Hopefully I can get back on track soon and enjoy my new birth control free life! 

UPDATE -- It's been a year since I wrote this post and I am happy to say that the above-mentioned withdrawal phase didn't last too much longer than 2 weeks. My husband actually agreed to have a vasectomy since I had already been through so much, and we couldn't be happier! He is especially happy due to the nonexistent labido (that he so graciously dealt with for almost 2 years) being a problem no more! Life after birth control is officially gooood ;)

Have you had a pleasant experience with birth control, or do you relate more to me?