Recently, I have really been on the hunt for something to hang in the empty corner above my entertainment center. My DIY oversized ornaments really filled the space, so once they were gone I couldn't get over how empty it looked to me. I thought about everything from a fake hanging plant, to a decorative bird cage.. from hanging lanterns to floating corner shelves. I finally decided on hanging yarn balls after checking out pretty much every DIY post on them that Pinterest could throw my way. So, here is our version of hanging yarn balls, enjoy!

You will need:
-balloons (larger ones tend to make a better round shape instead of balloon/teardrop shape)
-school glue
-warm water
-petroleum jelly
-bowl for mixing
-clear spray paint (optional) 

♥ Prepare your area. (We tied a long string of yarn to connect 2 chairs to make a clothesline of sorts.) Put down towels underneath or an old sheet, something you don't mind getting glue on. Seriously. This is going to be messy.

♥ Blow up however many balloons you need for your desired look and hang them from your makeshift clothesline with a small piece of yarn tied around the end of the balloon that you tie up.

♥ Rub every balloon with the petroleum jelly. Don't skip this step! It prevents the balloon from sticking to the yarn once it hardens.

♥ Mix 1/2 cup cornstarch, 4 oz glue and 1/4 warm water in bowl. 

♥ Dip yarn into mixture and then run the yarn between your fingers to get most of it off. Wrap the yarn around the balloon over and over, dipping as you go. Be sure to go vertical, horizontal and diagonal to get the desired look.

♥ Let the balloons dry for 12-24 hours. Pop the balloons with a pin and peel any excess glue pieces that may still be on the yarn.  

♥ Optional, but we spray painted ours clear in hopes to increase the durability. 

♥ If you plan on hanging them, fishing line works great to get the floating effect. You can also make them smaller and use them as vase or decorative bowl fillers. The possibilities are endless!

Sidenote: I must say that I have the sweetest husband in the world, because not only did he help me make these... he helped me make these TWICE! We totally screwed up our first batch of balls by using way too much of the glue mixture on the yarn. What a mess. But we had fun and we are in love with the final outcome! I would recommend this DIY project to anyone!