As hectic and crazy as this week has been (taking on a childcare job for the first time ever AND cleaning, prepping and packing for our trip to NC), I can't help but think this thought over and over... I am so blessed. 

I turned 27 on Tuesday. My husband, once again, knew exactly what would mean the most to me and made me an entry way table! (Technically, he's still finishing it up.. but it doesn't matter to me. I am just so amazed by him and his talent to build things by hand.) To make the day even better, my sweet friend surprised me with a beautiful cake, ice cream, balloons and a card.  I don't think I have ever been surprised before in that way, so it was exciting! I was and still am so thankful to have such thoughtful friends in my life.

Adding to the overflowing cup, Ayden (along with the rest of the kids at our church) made cards for a few of our church friends that live at the nearby assisted living facility a few weeks ago. He chose to write his to a man named Gary, who also calls himself Gator. Well, last night Gator gave Ayden this amazing folder as a thank you with a picture that he drew, a bookmark and a sweet note about how much his card meant to him. I thought my heart would burst.. I was so overwhelmed with the fact that my little boy - at only 6 years old - could make a little difference in someone's life. 

So, even during a stressful time, I'm learning to count my blessings daily. We have so much more to be thankful for than we realize. Bring on the crazy road trip, kids being off schedule and out of their element and the constant shuffle that is our lives when we are visiting family. We know that through it all, our cup runneth over. ♥