I've always been a lover of all things DIY and home decor. I love to arrange and rearrange and rearrange again and rearrange again - all of the rooms in my house (just ask Houston.. he loves me for it, I'm sure!) and I'm always on the hunt for affordable ways to make an old space new. 

With Houston recently getting back into woodworking, I have been inspired to step out of my decorating comfort zone and try my hand at furniture upcycling and pallet signs. With his craftsmanship skills and my love for design, we make a perfect team. I get excited thinking about spending time with him all while doing something we both love! 

I remember, years ago, watching my mother-in-law take an old, forgotten piece of furniture and turn it into a work of art. I always wondered what was so great about it (but I guess at 16 years old furniture wasn't really my thing..) Flash forward 11 years, and I now appreciate all of those memories and her knowledge about the subject because we know we can go to her with for any advice and she would be willing to help. 

Obviously we are not experts, and we haven't taken on very many projects yet, but it is something that we are passionate about and want to learn as much as we can about. Baby steps. Who knows what could come of it all in the future? But for now, we are just enjoying each other and our love for creating new things and bringing old things back to life again.

What's one of your passions in life? ♥