It's finally finished y'all! I am so excited to share the pictures of my husband's most recent project, my gorgeous desk! 

I originally had a desk/vanity envisioned, but as he progressed with the building, I started to see it as a desk alone. I'm a 5 minute makeup girl anyway, so to have an entire space dedicated to all things beauty would be a waste for me. I would much rather have a space to blog, to pay bills, to edit photos, to do emails and work on lessons for my classes at church.

I chose an ebony stain and opted for a matching mini bench instead of purchasing a chair. I also asked him to make the desk 2 separate pieces instead of one L shape that connects. Being a military family, we move so often that I figured it was best to have the option to separate the pieces if needed. Who knows, one day I may want something different and I could use the separate pieces in other rooms of the house!

I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Once again, my husband proves just how amazing he is. I'm so blessed.. ♥