Y'all, I've always been an early decorator when it comes to Christmas, but usually only for indoor decor. I try my best to wait until Thanksgiving to decorate outside. I may or may not have jumped the gun and started 2 days before this year, but who's counting? Ahem. Anyway.

We definitely DIY'd it up this year. We made our oversized ornaments and a wooden tree (or 12.. we've been selling them like crazy!).

Our oversized ornaments post from last year is here, but I'll recap again for this post's sake.

Our supplies were the same as before, minus a change in paint color. → Spray paint, bouncy balls, bows, nails, super glue and fishing line. Put a nail (thick enough to block the air from escaping) tied with fishing line through the little hole where it's filled with air and then fill the gap with super glue. Spray the balls, add a bow and voila!

We also made our friend/neighbor a tree, and it's beautiful! I love her whole vibe she has going on. ♥

For the trees, it really doesn't get much easier than thin wood strips and wood glue. With your choice of paint (hers white, mine metallic to go with my oversized ornaments) they really can go with any decor theme!

I hope to be making a few more pallet signs and who-knows-what-else with the hubby this week. I'll be sure to share them here, if so!

What's your Christmas decor theme?