We recently introduced Ayden to my favorite Christmas movie ever, Home Alone. He has since watched it at least 3 times. He thinks it's the best movie ever. Of course, what little boy his age wouldn't? It's all about a super awesome 8 year old living it up while he's home alone and kicking some bad-guy butt!

Ever since then I've had this in mind to create. It was super easy and cheap to make and I love how it turned out. A free pallet, acrylic paint, a string of Christmas lights and some freehanding and we had ourselves a custom Home Alone pallet sign!

Also, funny sidenote: As much as he loved the movie, Ayden was really concerned about putting the sign out in the front yard because he thought it would offend someone. He said the people who haven't watched Home Alone would just think we were calling them filthy animals for no reason. How cute?! I told him that the movie is a 25 year old classic and if someone doesn't know this famous line.. by all means, be offended! ;)
What's your favorite classic Christmas movie?