I don't think there is enough caffeine in the world for this Monday. I've thoroughly enjoyed not having an alarm set for two weeks.. but I suppose it's time to get back to reality, right?

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were finally planning to upgrade our little princess out of the crib and into a big girl bed. Homegirl really loved her crib and we had been in no rush to switch her over for fear of it messing up her 90%-of-the-time-awesome sleep schedule! 

Well, the husband finally got started on her bed over the Christmas holiday and within 2 days we had a finished product! I am always amazed at how he can take what I am picturing in my mind and bring it to life.

I, of course, was so in love with the outcome (I sometimes can't get over how talented my man is!♥), but the real test was going to bed how Ella liked it. She did freak out for about half a minute when we were moving out her 'baby bed', but that was over as soon as I started lining up her ponies and she joined in. 

Surprisingly, she hasn't got out of the bed once! She will cry for me if she's upset or wakes up in the middle of the night and needs comfort, but she's not getting up to play dollhouse at 3am or anything like I feared! ;)  

Whew.. what a relief! I now have 2 kids sleeping in their own beds, all night! Now if I can just get them to eat something more than a chicken nugget or fruit. One battle at a time, right?! 

My hubby also made this controller mount for our son over the weekend -- any excuse to play with his router and he's a happy man. 

I thought it was such a cool way to store the controllers in the entertainment center, instead of our usual throw-them-in-a-basket method. 

I hope your first Monday of 2016 is awesome! 

And helloooo, it's Bachelor night! Please tell me I'm not the only one obsessed with this trainwreck of a TV show?!