I have found myself sitting in front of this screen and flashing cursor more times than I can count recently with nothing to show for it. I want to pour out everything in my head and heart, but then I just don't. I have more blank drafts than I care to admit from logging in to write and then just clicking the little 'x' to close out this space altogether. I don't know why I have felt uninspired. Writing is and always has been an emotional outlet for me. 

Maybe that's why I am going through this little phase. I have been struggling with the whole "you should only be writing Pinterest-worthy content, something that teaches such as 5 steps to this or 10 ways for that.." If you're a blogger, you know what I mean. There's always an expert showing how we should be blogging. 

I actually read someone's post that said if you ever want to be a successful blogger, don't write about what your kids did over the weekend or your favorite memories. No one cares. ---- Maybe that's true, maybe not. But blogging will always be first and foremost for ME. For my sanity. If I make money along the way, awesome! I have already been fortunate enough to bring in a little extra income from here, but it was never my intention when creating a blog to focus on writing to make a dollar. If it fits organically, I am all over it. But I can't force myself to write in the style that is 100mph monetization. 

Personally, some of my favorite blogs to read are the ones that open up about their personal life, that I feel connected to. I like to know what their weekend plans are or what they are currently binge-watching on Netflix. I feel like some of these girls are my friends and that's what real friends talk about! 

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind throwing in those how-to posts, tips, tricks, etc.. as long as it fits, like I mentioned earlier, organically. 

Anyway, thank you to those who read my blog whether I post a how-to post or just to tell you how crazy my day was. I appreciate it. Really. Every comment, like and share really means the world to all bloggers. As much as I started this little space for me, I hope you find it a space for you too.