In my last post, I mentioned catching y'all up on all of the changes that have happened over the course of the year that I was away from blogland, so here's the short and sweet version..

We Moved.

Not by choice, but because the Army said so. We moved from Tampa, FL to Yuma, AZ. The move wasn't easy, but then again I don't think they ever are. We were happier in Tampa than we've ever been. I had an amazing job, we had an amazing church family, and amazing friends.. like - the best friends.. but such is military life. It was time for our 'see you later'. Of course, as long as we're together, it always works out.

We've been here almost 3 months now and it's finally starting to feel like home. A friend that was born and raised in AZ told me when we got here that we were in God's Country now. Of course, initially I thought... yeah right! We're in the middle of nowhere! But, I swear this place gets more and more beautiful each day. So, shoutout to you KP! You just may be right afterall. ;)

Accounting → Marketing

I changed my major from Business Admin./Accounting to Business Admin./Marketing. I had a come to Jesus moment with myself when I realized that the thought of having a job in the accounting world, post degree, sounded miserable to me. I'm not naive to the fact that many people in the world have jobs that they find miserable, but I'm realistic in realizing that if that's what I'm going for, I don't need to spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy away from my family going to school to get a job I hate. I can do that without a degree. So, if I'm going to continue to go to school, it's going to be for something that I want.

Anyway, I spend lots of my free time running social media accounts, whether my own personal accounts, blogging accounts, or helping out my girl with her boutique business accounts/website - so clearly, it's something that interests me. It's also the way of the world. Advertising is digital these days. There will never not be a job for something like digital marketing. So, again, another shoutout to my ride-or-die for putting all of that into perspective for me and helping me realize where my strengths lie when I'm having days of 'I still don't know what I want to do'.


Other than that, things are pretty much the same. I am still into all things DIY, home decor, organizing, etc.. and have been enjoying taking my time decorating this AZ-style home little by little.

It's not my dream home, but it's definitely the nicest house we've lived in on a military base, so for that I am super grateful. One day I'll have my little farmhouse in small town USA, but until then.. I'll be over here farmhouse frontin', ha!

That's all folks. Thanks for catching up with me!