Y'all.. it's finally here! But before I spill the details, I need to start this post off with a HUGE thank you to all of our friends and family who have been so encouraging over the years when it comes to our passion. The support really means the world. 

And, a very special shoutout to my best friend for allowing me to be with her every step of the way learning her small business with her, from the beginning, the good and the bad. Without you, Tabitha Ann, and your daily reminders of how talented you think we are or how well you think we would do in the woodworking world, I truly wouldn't have had the nerve to pull the trigger on this one. You are the real MVP ;) 

[Shameless bestie plug → www.tabbyannsboutique.com CHECK HER OUT!

Soooo, yes, back to the details.. we have finally taken the first few steps in starting our own woodworking business. We've talked about it for years.. with his passion for building and mine for design, it seemed like a no-brainer. We knew we made the perfect team. ♥ It's just been a 'post-military-retirement' goal and nothing more. We finally started to say, why wait! We don't have to go all-in and make tons of money right away, but why not take what we find ourselves doing anyway as a hobby, and offer it to the world. Or at least our little world.


Why Lumber and Grace? Well, I think our new tagline says it all.. we truly couldn't do what we love to do without a little bit of lumber and a whole lot of Jesus!

I'll be rebranding my blog and social media accounts into our little space, so bare with me through the transition. All @chanitydawn accounts will move to @lumberandgrace although I'll continue to write my random lifestyle posts here sporadically. 

For now, that is all.. hopefully the transition is smooth and thank you to everyone who reads my little blog. I hope you'll stick around. Home decor/DIY has always been my main focus, so hopefully you'll want to hang around for more projects along the way.