Well, it's official! We have finally decided to take our love for all things woodworking and turn it into a small business. Of course, when it was time to think of a name there were so many options, yet none at the same time that just felt right. After racking my brain it came down to this - at the end of the day I am able to help supplement our family's income (however large or small that may be) by making signs with a little bit of wood and a whole lot of Jesus.. Lumber + Grace. 

Everyone goes through seasons of life, and for me this just makes sense right now. My husband is considering taking on a job that will have him gone 75% of the year, so looking for work outside the home just isn't an option right now. I feel like God will bless our business if we continue to do what we do in His name, so I'm going to go all in. Here's to the next chapter! 

I am slowly adding items to our shop, so please check back often to see new designs. If you don't follow L+G on social media, please do - as the new designs are always posted once they are listed! Thank y'all for the love.. it's appreciated more than words can say! ♥

SHOP - www.lumberandgrace.etsy.com
INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/lumberandgrace
FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/lumberandgrace